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With misinformation rife and trust in institutions being eroded, how do Hong Kong news readers know what to believe? SCMP's journalists go beyond just reporting the news and immerse themselves in the pursuit of truth. We honour our organisation's legacy by continuing our deep commitment to keeping Hong Kong readers informed with trusted, insightful and balanced reporting.

Words have meaning and knowing our Hong Kong reporting has wide-reaching impact around the world, we are committed to practising globally-recognised editorial standards that protect the integrity of journalism and press freedoms. Our international team of 800+ journalists genuinely care about impactful storytelling with insight and nuance, on our (and their) home city.

Since 1903 we have been the authoritative voice of credible reporting in Hong Kong as the city's home-grown newspaper of record. Our editorial mission draws on our rich history and over a century of experience in delivering stories that resonate with Hongkongers with depth and integrity.

With many of our journalists being Hongkongers themselves, we constantly evaluate how best to serve our Hong Kong readers and help them lead more informed lives. Our expert journalists provide thought-provoking commentary and unique local insight to give readers a better understanding of what is happening in the city and why.

Episode 1

Why does Hong Kong's housing crisis matter so much to our journalists? Fiona Sun, Emily Tsang and Zuraidah Ibrahim from SCMP's Hong Kong desk dive into one of the city's thorniest issues and use their voices to effect change.

Subdivided Units Series

Life in Hong Kong’s worst living spaces: from cage homes to subdivided flats - More than 220,000 people live in Hong Kong’s notorious subdivided flats, facing grim conditions as well as fire and security hazards because they can afford nothing better. Beijing has demanded that the local government rid the city of these tiny units and ‘cage homes’ by 2049. In a three-part series, the Post looks at the realities of life in such dwellings, speaks to the people forced to live in them, and more.

“The Trust Project provides us with transparent standards of news production to help readers around the world who come to us for quality, trustworthy journalism”
Tammy Tam, Editor in Chief.

Unpacking all parts of a story and rigorous fact-checking requires the highest levels of editorial integrity. That’s why in March 2020, the Post was proud to be the first Asian news organisation to join the Trust Project, a global network of leading media organisations committed to high levels of transparency and credible reporting.